Stony Plain Central School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into acting, coding or cooking, there's something for you!

Note: Some options have a fee associated with them; please refer to this year's selections below for costs.


Term 2 Complementary Courses - Grade 7

Board Games

During the previous term we spent time focusing on a variety of card games, as well as the classics like Chess and Checkers. This term we will continue to learn a variety of different games that introduce us to some new, more complicated mechanics. These include paper-and-pencil style games as well as more complex board and card games.  

Students will continue to socially interact in a positive way, communicate and collaborate while improving on the variety of strategy and critical thinking skills that more complex board games have to offer. 

Course Fee: $2

Film Studies

In the previous term, Film Studies students learned about the essential aspects of a story, and how movies can "hook" the viewer through trailers and opening scenes. This term, we will delve into the mind of a director by examining various filming techniques, including lighting and music. Students will then get the opportunity to use their creative voice to express their opinion of a film by writing a movie review.

Course Fee: None

Around the World in 8 Days 

Explore the world! In this class, students will have the opportunity to see the world through a different lens. In the context of learning about different cultures, students will have the opportunity to play some games native to different locations in the world, and use their creativity to bring some of these games and activities to life. Students will be able to create their own game boards and projects which they will be able to take home and enjoy with their families.

Course Fee: $5

Term 2 Complementary Courses - Grade 8 & 9

World of Science 

Do you have a love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)? If so, this course is for you!

We will be exploring various career paths and education opportunities within the field of science with a focus in areas such as structural engineering. Through discovery, discussion and hands on activities, students will strengthen their understanding of science in the world around them.

Course Fee: $5

Let's Code

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when creating a video game, app or website? In this course, students will practice skills such as problem-solving, design thinking, sequential thinking, testing and experimentation.  

We will be using various websites designed to teach students the basics of programming and coding in the ever-expanding world of computing science. Students do not need any previous experience, and a Chromebook will be provided for them if they do not have their own device. 

Course Fee: None

Move Over, Ebert & Roper

SPC film reviewers are taking over! In the challenge, students will explore the elements of effective filmmaking, and gain an understanding of editorial writing techniques through viewing films and writing movie reviews.   

Course Fee: None


Students will be learning different techniques using oil pastels. They will be provided all the materials they need to produce their projects.  

Course Fee: $5

Drama Games

Welcome to the world of Performing Arts. In this option, students will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and find their voice. Through a variety of games and activities, students may find out more about themselves than they previously knew!

Course Fee: None


Students will explore basic photography concepts and use editing tools to create unique aesthetic photos.

Course Fee: None

Term 2 Complementary Courses - Grade 7/8/9

Fit for Life

This option is designed to promote personal growth and awareness of the knowledge and skills related to physical literacy, health and fitness. Students will participate in a variety of recreational games, and work toward improving the level of physical literacy in our school community.

Course Fee: None

Forensic Science

Using the study of forensic science techniques, students will be given the opportunity to explore, and further their understanding of how basic science concepts apply specifically to the solving of crimes.  

Course Fee: $5

Theatre Tech 

Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a production? This option explores all technical aspects of performances and celebrations at our school, and serves as an introduction to the artistic elements of stage and set, sound and lighting design, which will prepare you to participate in all areas of school productions and special events. 

Course Fee: None

Designer Challenge

In this option creativity is key as you will have the opportunity to explore three areas of design: Fashion, Interior and Graphic design. Some challenges may require you to bring supplies from home to complete the challenge. 

Course Fee: None

Web Design With Google Sites

Using Google Sites, students will create their own website on their favorite topic. Google Sites is a free platform with many user-friendly features intended for all skill levels. In this course, student websites will only be shared with the teacher and/or other classmates for collaboration purposes.

Course Fee: None


Students will be learning about OP Art and Optical Illusions. They will be provided all the materials they need to produce their projects. 

Course Fee: $5

Claymation / Stop Motion Animation

In this class students will create short films on a topic of their choosing using stop motion animation. Students will model characters and/or objects with Play-Doh, then, using the app Stop Motion Studio, they will record these characters/objects in a short video segment.

Students will take anything they create home at the end of the option, and have a chance to showcase their creation at the end of the term.

Course Fee: $10

Podcast: Mars Patel

We will be listening to the podcast The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel and completing STEM challenges related to the podcast. Use your ingenuity and creativity to build an island, a shelter or a catapult while listening to a mystery podcast that's a cross between The Goonies and Stranger Things!

Course Fee: $2

Leaders of Today

“Let’s make a dent in the universe!” In this class, students will be encouraged to use current circumstances to make the world a better place. Students will create and carry out plans to initiate school spirit and improve their leadership skills. 

Course Fee: None